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Mental Health Assessment And Diagnosis Services

If you’re struggling with ongoing symptoms like depression, anxiety, ADHD or more, an accurate diagnosis is key to effective treatment and feeling better. At All Day Medical Care Clinic, our licensed mental health experts complete comprehensive mental health assessments to pinpoint the issues contributing to your difficulties.

What does the assessment involve?

All Day Medical Care Clinic mental health assessment is a comprehensive process designed to accurately evaluate all aspects of your mental health. It involves an extensive discussion of your symptoms, history, experiences, and challenges. Medical examination and lab tests may be done to rule out physical causes. Psychological testing helps assess thinking patterns, personality and skills. Validated screening tools aid diagnosis. Your strengths, support systems and daily functioning abilities are evaluated. Testing for any cooccurring conditions is also completed.

How long does it take?

All Day Medical Care Clinic ample time for thorough assessment. Initial evaluation appointments are typically 45 min. The entire assessment may require multiple appointments depending on complexity. We pace appointments to avoid fatigue.

Who will conduct the evaluation?

All Day Medical Care Clinic mental health assessments are conducted by licensed psychologists, and therapists. They have extensive training and expertise in diagnosis and use established methodologies. Most have 10-20+ years experience. Check provider bios on our website. You’re in excellent hands.

Is it covered by my insurance?

All Day Medical Care Clinic is in-network with most major insurers. Initial assessments are often fully or mostly covered with copay/coinsurance. Psychological testing sometimes needs authorization. Please check each provider accepted insurance in their bio page, or call us at 301-330-0006 to verify your mental health benefits and out-of-pocket costs estimated for assessment.

Is it covered by my insurance?

A thorough assessment leads to accurate diagnosis of conditions affecting you. Precise diagnosis allows us to create a customized treatment plan that addresses root causes. You receive tailored therapies, medications, support strategies proven effective for your illnesses. Focused treatment helps you achieve mental wellness goals.

What happens after the assessment?

After your evaluation, we explain findings and diagnosis in a follow-up visit. We then craft an integrated treatment plan incorporating counseling approaches, medication if appropriate, wellness strategies, and support systems tailored to your needs. Goals and progress markers are established. All Day Medical Care Clinic partner on your mental health journey.

Is it confidential?

Your mental health assessment results and records are kept completely confidential in compliance with HIPAA laws. Written authorization is required to release information. Assessment content is not shared with anyone without your explicit consent. You can share freely.

Where is it located?

In-office assessments are done at our Gaithersburg, Columbia, Urbana, Silver Spring, and Bethesda location. We
also offer virtual telehealth assessments via secure video call for convenience. In-office or telehealth options are
available depending on your preference. Please call if you have any other questions!

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