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Medication Refills

Don’t let your medications run out. All Day Medical Care Clinic’s compassionate team makes prescription refills
fast, convenient, and compliant with regulations. Simply request refills through our online patient portal anytime,
day or night.

We process refill requests within 1-2 business days in most cases and contact your pharmacy promptly. Refills
requiring updated lab work or office visits are handled seamlessly. Let us know if you need a refill expedited.
Staying on track with your prescriptions is vital to health. We aim to remove all barriers to adherence through
technology, coordination, reminders and automatic enrollments.
Just click, request, and pick up – easy prescription management.

How do I request a prescription refill from All Day Medical Care Clinic?

Easily request refills 24/7 through All Day Medical Care Clinic’s online patient portal or call during office hours.

How long does All Day Medical Care Clinic take to process refill requests?

Most refills are processed within 1-2 business days by All Day Medical Care Clinic. Urgent requests may be

Can I pick up refills the same day I request them from All Day Medical Care Clinic?

It depends on the pharmacy. In most cases, no. Please request refills 5-7 days before you will run out of

Do I need an appointment for a refill from All Day Medical Care Clinic?

Refills may require updated lab work or an office visit at All Day Medical Care Clinic – we’ll let you know if needed.

When will my medications be ready at the pharmacy after refilling through All Day Medical Care Clinic?

Once processed, refills are sent to your selected pharmacy immediately for pick up by All Day Medical Care

Does All Day Medical Care Clinic sync my medications for fewer trips?

Absolutely! Let All Day Medical Care Clinic know and we will align your refill dates.

What if I need an early refill or lost my medication from All Day Medical Care Clinic?

Contact All Day Medical Care Clinic as soon as possible if you require an early or replacement prescription refill.

Who do I contact about pharmacy issues with All Day Medical Care Clinic?

Reach out to All Day Medical Care Clinic anytime if your pharmacy encounters issues filling a prescription.

How are prescription costs handled by All Day Medical Care Clinic?

We verify medication coverage with your insurance at All Day Medical Care Clinic and provide options to reduce

Where is it located?

In-office assessments are done at our Gaithersburg location. Please call if you have any other questions!

Other Primary Care Service

Annual Physical Exams & Wellness Checks

Preventive care visits to review overall health, get screening tests, and assess health risk factors.

Acute Illnesses

Visits for new onset illnesses like respiratory infections, sinus infections, stomach bugs, urinary tract infections, etc.

Chronic Disease Management

Routine follow-ups and medication management for ongoing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disorders, etc.


Treating sprains, fractures, lacerations, burns, wounds, and other traumatic bodily harm through medical assessments, diagnostics, splints/casts, etc.

Screening Tests

Conducting routine lab tests, cancer screenings, biometric screenings, physical exams, and other diagnostics to detect medical conditions early.

Procedural Care

Minor office procedures like mole/skin lesion removal, stitches, joint injections, etc..


Requesting and coordinating specialist referrals when needed for patient care.

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