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At All Day Medical Care Clinic, we provide comprehensive wellness and preventive care to cater to your health needs efficiently. Offering same-day appointments, our clinic ensures accessibility to primary care, urgent care, and mental health services. With the convenience of on-site lab draws, patients receive prompt results. We adapt to your busy schedule through both office and telehealth visits, delivering continuous, all-encompassing healthcare support.

Our Primary and Urgent Services

Annual Physicals

Annual physicals are yearly health check-ups with a doctor to assess overall well-being, screen for diseases, and update vaccinations.

Work Physicals

Work physicals are employer-required medical exams to ensure an employee's fitness for specific job duties.

DOT Physicals

DOT physicals are mandated exams for commercial drivers to meet health standards set by the Department of Transportation.

Sports & Camp Physicals

School/sports/camp physicals assess a child's health and fitness for participation in educational or athletic activities.

Flu Testing & Vaccine

Get quick flu testing and effective vaccines at our clinic. Stay safe and protected all season!

Strep Throat Testing

Fast, accurate strep throat testing available! Ensure your health with our quick and reliable services.

COVID19 testing

Rapid, reliable COVID-19 testing! Secure your peace of mind with our efficient and accurate testing services.

Tetanus Vaccine

Safeguard your health with our Tetanus Vaccine. Quick, reliable protection to prevent serious illness. Stay safe!

TB Testing

Ensure your health with our TB Testing. Quick, accurate results for your peace of mind and safety. Get tested now!

STD Testing

Confidential STD Testing: Fast, private, and accurate. Secure your health and peace of mind with our services.


Quick, precise EKG services to monitor your heart health. Trust us for reliable results and expert care. Stay assured!

Colds & Flu

Colds & flu treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and supporting recovery from these common viral infections.

Sore & Strep Throat

Sore & strep throat treatment involves pain relief, antibiotics for strep, and measures to soothe throat discomfort.


Allergies treatment includes antihistamines, decongestants, and avoiding allergens to manage symptoms and reactions.


Nausea treatment involves medications, rest, and dietary adjustments to alleviate stomach upset and prevent vomiting.

Skin Infection & Rash

Skin infection & rash treatment includes topical or oral medications and care practices to heal and soothe the skin.

Ear Infection

Ear infection treatment typically involves antibiotics, pain relief, and sometimes ear drops to resolve infection.


Diabetes treatment involves medication, diet, exercise, and regular monitoring to manage blood sugar levels.


Hypertension treatment includes medications, lifestyle changes, and regular monitoring to manage high blood pressure.


Asthma treatment involves inhalers, medication, and lifestyle adjustments to control symptoms and prevent attacks.


Treating sprains, fractures, lacerations, burns, wounds, and other traumatic bodily harm through medical assessments, diagnostics, splints/casts, etc

Medication Refills

Renewing and providing refills for medications that require a doctor's authorization for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, mental health disorders, etc.

Prescription Medication Management

Prescription medication management ensures safe, effective use of drugs through monitoring, adjustments, and education.

Referrals to Specialists

Referrals to specialists involve directing patients to expert medical care for specific, advanced healthcare needs.

Preventive Care

Prioritize your well-being with our Preventive Care services. Stay ahead of health issues with our expert support.

Men Health

Our team offers personalized health services for men, ensuring top care in a supportive environment for prevention and cure.

Women Health

Our clinic provides personalized women's health services, from reproductive care to screenings, ensuring top tailored care.

Pediatric Health

Pediatric care offers tailored services for infants to adolescents, ensuring growth with expert, nurturing support and treatments.

Occupational Health

Occupational health services offer comprehensive care, focusing on prevention, evaluation, and management of workplace health issues.

Our Mental Health Services

Mental Health Assessment and Diagnosis

Mental health assessment is a comprehensive process designed to accurately evaluate all aspects of your mental health.

Behavioral & Emotional Disorders

Our licensed behavioral health therapists provide personalized counseling and psychiatric services for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Our team offers personalized, proven therapies for all addiction stages, ensuring a path to sober living.


Our depression therapists and psychologists are experts in their field, offering compassionate care tailored to each individual's needs.


Our therapists provide personalized care with evidence-based methods for anxiety, offering strategies for symptom management.


Our professionals are dedicated to providing effective therapy that addresses the root causes of anger.


Trained in modern techniques, our professionals offer tailored, effective therapy for trauma and PTSD, ensuring compassionate care.


Our experts use proven strategies for ADHD challenges, aiding in focus, impulsivity, and organization. Tailored, effective support.

Relationship & Family Counseling

Licensed therapists offer counseling to enhance relationships for individuals, couples, and families, fostering skill-building in a supportive atmosphere.

Individual Therapy

Local individual therapy offers a private space for personal growth, addressing emotional challenges with customized, supportive care.

Couple Therapy

Our couples therapists help to through challenges, improving communication and connection for healthier, fulfilling relationships.

Family Therapy

Family counseling helps address dynamics, communication, and conflicts, strengthening bonds through guided therapy sessions.


Virtual visits provide immediate, convenient care via phone or computer, offering essential healthcare services anytime, anywhere.

Services For Most Non-Life-Threatening Injuries, Common Illnesses and Infections Including:

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