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Preventive Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our team in All Day Medical Care Clinic performs important
wellness visits, screenings, and immunizations to help keep you healthy. Don’t wait until you’re sick – routine
preventive care is an investment in your lifelong wellbeing.

We make remembering annual physicals, cancer screens, vaccines, STD testing, and chronic disease management
easy with reminder calls, coordination assistance, and seamless scheduling.

Prevention just got simpler.
From pediatric well child visits to senior wellness, let us ensure you’re up-to-date on the care recommended for
your age and risk factors. Call today to discuss your preventive health needs. Small steps lead to big returns.

What preventive services does All Day Medical Care Clinic provide?

Well child visits, adult annual physicals, immunizations, cancer screening, chronic disease management.

Does All Day Medical Care Clinic do school, sports, or work physicals?

Yes, All Day Medical Care Clinic performs well child visits and clearance physicals.

How often should I get a physical exam?

All Day Medical Care Clinic recommends annual wellness exams for adults and regular well child checks.

What vaccinations does All Day Medical Care Clinic offer?

All Day Medical Care Clinic provides all CDC recommended immunizations for children/adults.

Which screenings does All Day Medical Care Clinic recommend I get?

No, All Day Medical Care Clinic accepts pediatric walk-ins for common childhood infections.

What ages do you treat for pediatric infections?

All Day Medical Care Clinic advise on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, STI, and other screenings based on your
risk profile.

Does All Day Medical Care Clinic provide work or school excuses?

Yes, All Day Medical Care Clinic can complete necessary work/school excuse forms.

Does All Day Medical Care Clinicremind me when I'm due for preventive tests?

Yes, All Day Medical Care Clinic will contact you when it’s time for routine wellness visits and screenings.

Does All Day Medical Care Clinic coordinate specialist referrals?

Yes, All Day Medical Care Clinic handle referral coordination to necessary specialists for optimal preventive care.

Where is it located?

Medical In-office assessments are done at our Gaithersburg location. Please call if you have any other questions!

Other Urgent Care Service

Minor Illnesses

We treat colds, flu, nausea, rashes, allergies and other everyday illnesses so you feel better fast.

Minor Injuries

From cuts and sprains to fractures and burns, we provide prompt care for minor injuries without an ER visit.

Common Infections

We diagnose and treat strept throat, ear infections, pink eye and other common contagious illnesses.

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