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Relationship and Family Counseling

Healthy relationships require effort but can enrich our lives immensely. All Day Medical Care Clinic licensed
marriage and family therapists provide counseling services to help strengthen relationships for individuals,
couples, and families. We create a warm, nonjudgmental environment to build relationship skills.

What issues do you help with?

All Day Medical Care Clinic aid with communication problems, frequent conflicts, emotional disconnection,
intimacy struggles, infidelity trauma, premarital counseling, divorce, blending families, parenting challenges,
mood instability, stress, grief, and more. If relationship problems are impacting your life, we can help.

What is your approach?

All Day Medical Care Clinic creates a caring environment for individuals, couples, or families to practice
communication skills, resolve conflicts constructively, deepen intimacy, understand needs, improve parenting,
and heal hurts. You’ll gain insights and practical techniques to improve relationship health long-term.

Do you see couples together or separately?

Couples counseling utilizes both joint and individual sessions. Joint sessions help you communicate, gain
understanding, and work through issues. Individual sessions allow evaluation of personal patterns, private
disclosure, and customized support. All Day Medical Care Clinic approach integrates both.

How long is the program?

Programs range from brief 6-8 week resolutions to longer-term growth. Session frequency is weekly or more
often as needed. All Day Medical Care Clinic helps determine optimal length and intensity. Continued periodic
tune-ups after completion may help ensure positive changes last.

How do I get started?

Call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll gather background, assess current challenges, and recommend customized treatment plans. If family counseling is needed, each member needing participation is identified. We also help coordinate care with individual therapists if dually involved. First steps are to call and schedule an initial session.

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