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Earaches can arise from various causes, making it crucial to pinpoint the exact cause of the discomfort. If you’re experiencing symptoms of an ear infection or ear pain, All Day Medical Care Clinic is ready to assist. Our doctor in Gaithersburg clinic is committed to providing the urgent care needed to address your concerns.

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Our Urgent Care for Ear Infections and Earaches

All Day Medical Care Clinic offers prompt urgent care for ear infections and earaches, ensuring swift and effective relief for patients of all ages. 

Our clinic doctor can diagnose and provide comprehensive ear infection treatment. Whether it’s a middle ear infection common in children or an outer ear infection seen in adults, our team uses the latest medical practices to alleviate symptoms and address the root cause. With a focus on patient comfort and quick recovery, All Day Medical Care Clinic is your trusted resource for managing ear-related ailments, ensuring you receive the specialized care necessary for a speedy return to health.

Ear Infection and Earache Symptoms

Do you or your child have ear pain or ear infection symptoms?

Earaches and infections are most prevalent in children under five but can occur at any age. The hallmark of an earache includes pain that may be dull, throbbing, burning, or sharp, potentially affecting one or both ears and possibly impacting hearing. Since young children often struggle to articulate their discomfort, understanding the severity of the pain can be challenging.

Key symptoms of ear infections in both adults and children include:

Difficulty sleeping

Drainage of the ear



Loss of appetite

Loss of balance

Touching or tugging at the ear

Should you or your child exhibit these signs, immediate action is advisable. Most causes of ear pain are treatable, yet prompt intervention is crucial to avoid any lasting harm to the ear. For swift evaluation and effective ear infection treatment, visit our urgent care center.

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Our ear infection treatment service is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Here we provide comprehensive wellness and preventive care for the whole family. With same-day appointments, on-site lab draws, and both office and telehealth visits, we make quality healthcare convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ear infections themselves are not contagious, but the viruses or bacteria causing them can spread, leading to respiratory infections in others, which might then lead to ear infections.

Kids often get ear infections due to their Eustachian tubes being smaller and more horizontal compared to adults, making it harder for fluid to drain out of the ear. This can lead to fluid buildup behind the eardrum, creating a breeding ground for bacteria or viruses, especially after a cold, flu, or allergy, which increases the risk of infection in the middle ear.

Yes, urgent care centers, such as All Day Medical Care Clinic, can determine if you have an infection. Equipped with skilled healthcare professionals, these clinics are adept at diagnosing a range of conditions, including ear infections. Through thorough assessments and possibly diagnostic tests, they can identify the cause of your symptoms. Following diagnosis, the clinic offers targeted ear pain treatment, ensuring you receive the immediate and effective care needed to address your infection.

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