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Get your flu vaccine in Gaithersburg, MD, to stay protected this season. Our flu shots and test services ensure your health is safeguarded. Visit us for quick and reliable flu prevention and diagnosis. Stay healthy with our expert care.

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Flu Shots Available Now

Flu season, beginning in October, results in up to 45 million illnesses annually, as per CDC data. Secure your yearly flu shot now at All Day Medical Care Clinic to shield yourself and minimize transmission to others. Our clinics offer vaccines for the entire family, conveniently open 5 days a week, all year round. Plus, request a flu shot during any visit to our centers.

Who Сan Get The Flu Shot?

Who is eligible for the flu shot? If you’re uncertain about the suitability of the flu shot for you or how it functions, consult your primary care doctor or speak to our experienced providers during your visit to our clinic.

The flu shot is recommended for everyone aged 6 months and above. It’s particularly crucial for those at an increased risk of flu complications to get vaccinated early. This includes:

Adults 65 and older

Healthcare workers

People with preexisting conditions

Pregnant women

Caregivers of children under the age of 5

Experiencing Flu Symptoms? Get Tested for the Flu Now

Feeling under the weather with fever or chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, and headaches? These could be signs of the flu. Don’t wait; get tested for the flu now. Early detection is key to a swift recovery.

Our flu testing services are designed to quickly diagnose if you’re battling the flu, ensuring you receive the right care promptly. Protect your health and those around you by getting tested at the first sign of symptoms. Take action today for a healthier tomorrow.

Accepted Insurance

All Day Medical Care Clinic is in-network with most major insurers. Initial assessments are often fully or mostly covered with copay/coinsurance. Psychological testing sometimes needs authorization. Please check each provider’s accepted insurance on their bio page, or call us at 301-330-0006 to verify your mental health benefits and out-of-pocket costs estimated for assessment.

Self-Pay Price

Medical Treatment

Flu Test $30
Flu Vaccine (all ages) $45

Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal time to get a flu shot is from early fall to late October. However, vaccination can still be beneficial as long as flu viruses are circulating, even into January or later. Early immunization is advised for the best protection throughout the season.

The flu shot's protection typically lasts for about 6 months, effectively covering the duration of the season. However, annual vaccination is recommended as flu viruses evolve and the vaccine is updated each year to match circulating strains.

Yes, it's important to get the flu vaccine even if you've received the COVID-19 vaccine. Both vaccines protect against different viruses, and getting the flu shot can reduce your risk of flu illness, hospitalization, and potentially severe complications.

Yes, it's possible to get both a flu test and a flu shot at the clinic. The flu test helps diagnose if you have the influenza virus, while the flu shot is a vaccine that protects against the flu. Both are essential for managing and preventing cases. The clinic also can do strep throat and COVID-19 express tests if needed.

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