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Sports and Camp Physicals Exam

Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, our clinic offers comprehensive camp and sports physicals, tailored specifically for students. These exams are crucial for ensuring overall health and safety in active environments. We conduct a thorough assessment of various health aspects, including vital signs, organ function, and physical appearance. These physicals are an essential part of preventive healthcare for students engaging in sports and camp activities, ensuring they are fit and ready for participation.

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Sports and Camp Physical Check-Up

At All Day Medical Care Clinic, we offer specialized sports and camp physical exams, essential for athletic activities like football and summer camp participation. Our team provides important screenings and assessments to ensure you are at your best for athletic endeavors. These exams focus on evaluating your physical fitness and overall health, critical for active sports and camp activities. Our guidance and assessments are tailored to help you invest in your wellbeing, ensuring you’re physically prepared and safe for all your athletic and summer camp adventures.

School, Sports or Camp Physicals Exam Price

We will work with you to develop individualized care plans, including management of chronic diseases. If we cannot assist, we can provide referrals or advice about the type of practitioner you require. We treat all enquiries sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

Medical Treatment

School, Sports or Camp Physicals


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Work Physical


Annual Physical


Accepted Insurance

At All Day Medical Care Clinic, we accept Medicare, Medicaid, and all major insurance plans to make quality care achievable for everyone. Our compassionate staff will verify your benefits, explain charges, and work to keep out-of-pocket costs low. We offer competitive pricing for self-pay patients too. Your health is important to us. Call (301)-330-0006 to learn more about the insurance we take and payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sports and summer camp physical, commonly known as a student sports physical, is a thorough health examination conducted to ensure that students are physically able to safely participate in sports and camp activities. This check-up assesses a student’s overall health and fitness levels, focusing on their ability to engage in strenuous activities. It typically includes evaluating vital signs, examining musculoskeletal health, and assessing cardiovascular fitness. The physical also screens for any underlying medical conditions that might pose a risk during physical exertion. By undergoing a sports and summer camp physical, students and parents can have peace of mind knowing they are prepared and safe for active participation in sports and camp programs.
During a sports & camp physical exam, screenings typically include checking vital signs, heart and lung function, vision and hearing tests, joint and muscle evaluation, and reviewing medical history.
Sports programs and summer camps require physicals to ensure a fun and safe experience. These exams are key in confirming that your child is healthy and ready to fully enjoy the activities offered. By screening for any health issues beforehand, the physical helps in preventing potential complications during participation. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to give valuable advice on managing any existing medical conditions your child might have, ensuring they can participate safely and with confidence.
Most lab work and exam outcomes are available within 1 week or less. We notify you promptly.

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