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Streamline Your Visit with Online Registration

Completing e-registration process online ahead of
appointment saves valuable time at check-in and allows
the care team to be better prepared to address your needs.

Why it is necessary to do digital pre-registration

> Saves time – No need to arrive early to fill out paperwork i
> More convenient – Can be completed anytime on any device
> Reduces errors – Information transfers directly to your chart
> Enhances experience – Less waiting and paperwork leads to
greater patient satisfaction
> Accessibility – Intake can be completed from anywhere
> User friendly – Easy-to-use online portal
> Saves money – Fewer errors means fewer denied or delayed
insurance claims

Here's how it works

  1. Click on the eRegistration link in text or email
  2. Fill out the forms digitally on your device
  3. Upload a photo of your insurance card and ID card
  4. Fill out the intake form
  5. Sign

Convenient from anywhere

Avoid Waiting Room Delays

Online forms reduce time spent in the waiting area before appointments. You can skip this step by submitting required paperwork ahead of time from the convenience of home.

Complete Forms on Your Schedule

Intake forms can be done on your own time, on any device. No need to arrive early or rush through paperwork last minute. You control the process.

Enhanced Visit Experience

With forms already submitted, your provider can save time on administration and focus on delivering great care. This leads to improved patient satisfaction

Get started Now

Click the link, upload your insurance and ID and fill out the intake forms, and they are ready to use immediately. It is that simple!

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