9 Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle – And Why It’s Important

Eat a Balanced Diet
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Have you ever wondered what a healthy lifestyle includes? Why should we keep living healthily? There is no such person who wouldn’t like to be healthy and full of energy. But for some reason, the desire to have a good body is often fundamentally at odds with what people do, or rather do not do. 

It is not just a trendy hobby or a temporary tendency, but the basis for maintaining physical, psychological and social health. Sooner or later, we start thinking about a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we are driven to it by health problems that we have not taken care of because of an unhealthy lifestyle, and sometimes we simply begin to value our own life and our health.

Healthy Lifestyle

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a set of habits and actions that help to strengthen and protect immunity and physical capabilities, eliminating factors that negatively affect health and the body as a whole.

How to live a healthy lifestyle? There is no exact definition of a healthy lifestyle. Medical experts believe that it is a medical improvement of the body. Athletes with a healthy lifestyle see regular sports activities. Psychologists believe that it is hidden under inner and mental harmony. Each specialist in his field understands it through the lens of his branch. We have tried to gather together all points of view on a healthy lifestyle and make a list of what is necessary for this.

Why is a Healthy Lifestyle Important?

A healthy lifestyle is a way of maintaining your health, improving it, or recovering from illness. Keep in mind that a good lifestyle is a permanent, not a temporary action. So, if you initially set a goal, for example, to use a healthy lifestyle for one month, that is not a healthy lifestyle. It is a permanent lifestyle.

In our reality, it is a 100% life necessity and there are some ways to be healthy. Adequate physical activity is simply necessary. In addition, the effects of the pandemic, both physical and psychological, cannot be discounted. People have become more health-conscious and more concerned about maintaining their immunity. Heart health and coronary artery disease self-care are among the fundamental rules of a healthy lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

According to a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of various diseases by 55%. A healthy lifestyle pays attention not only to the physical but also to the psycho-emotional well-being of a person.

Regarding the impact of COVID-19 on physical and mental health, two-thirds (67.8%) of participants reported a deterioration in their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic (according to WHO research).

How often should you get a physical? Maintaining healthy tips allows you to avoid many health problems, easily adapt to changing environmental conditions (temperature fluctuations, change of time and climate zones), slow down the natural aging of the body.

The main advantages of a healthy lifestyle from the medical point of view:

  1. Prevention of avitaminosis – how a balanced diet’s effect on mental health and regular intake of vitamin supplements allow you to get the full range of micro- and macronutrients necessary for normal metabolism;
  2. Strengthening immunity – a healthy lifestyle strengthens the body’s defenses: a person is less susceptible to infections, outbreaks of seasonal viral diseases;
  3. Muscle tone – this helps the heart and blood vessels to work properly, the cells receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen, and reduces the risk of varicose veins;
  4. High level of vital energy – a person retains efficiency and a clear mind until old age.

9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips by Doctors

A healthy lifestyle includes a few important rules that you can follow to make a positive impact. Pay attention to different areas of your life and adjust them as needed.

Stay Hydrated

Water is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle: removes toxins from the body, activates metabolism, helps with constipation. The daily requirement of an adult in water – is 30-40 grams per 1 kg of body weight. Approximately 40% of the daily need for water is satisfied with food, the rest we should take in the form of clean drinking non-carbonated water. In summer, you should drink 2-2.5 liters of water daily.


Eat a Balanced Diet

According to a new study published in the scientific journal Lancet, over one billion people, or one in eight people on the planet, were obese as of 2022. 

Therefore, sticking to a balanced and proper diet and weight loss management program is more important than ever. It is recommended to cut down on sugar and refined foods, and include healthy fats, seasonal vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

Exercise Regularly

How to live a healthy lifestyle? Exercise helps improve cognitive ability, reaction speed and mood, relieve stress and boost metabolism. Even sticking to household activities can significantly improve health outcomes.

Get Adequate Sleep

Getting adequate sleep, along with nutrition, is the foundation of health. Experts confirm that sleep is not only important for physical and psychological recovery but also has other positive effects on the body. Persistent depression can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to further exacerbation of mental health issues. So depression and sleep problems are often combined.

Manage Stress

Stress negatively affects our well-being. It may be necessary to work with a psychologist and therapist, rethink relationships, place of work and many other habitual things to get rid of anxiety and to accept oneself. Self-care and stress management are very important for mental health.

Avoid Smoking and Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol and smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) are the causes of many health problems, including premature aging, malfunctions in various body systems, insufficient blood supply and diseases of internal organs.

Practice Good Hygiene

Personal hygiene is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. How often you bathe, shower and wash your hair depends on your health and skin.

Maintain Social Connections

Socializing with relatives and family can help relieve everyday stress and distract you from problems at work. Try to talk it out, and you’ll find it easier to cope with life’s troubles.

Regular Health Check-ups & Screenings

Don’t ignore undergoing an annual physical check-up, even if you don’t have any complaints. It’s better to prevent a problem than to try to fix it. Diagnostics can help you identify hidden problems and treat them in time.


Everyone has the right to choose a life that makes them happy and use tips for a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing more pleasant than to spend a long life in a beautiful body, with a good mood, enjoying every minute, raising healthy children, and then to meet old age in a cheerful spirit and without regrets about the way passed.

A healthy lifestyle is a way to change your life for the better, available to everyone. It is a long but effective process that helps a person improve physical, mental health and maintain youthfulness. Change to a healthy lifestyle to live a long and happy life.

All Day Medical Care Clinic Team


All Day Medical Care Clinic Team

This article was prepared with the All Day Medical Care Clinic Team and its experienced clinic providers, ensuring accurate and reliable health information.

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