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Helping Your Child Overcome Back-to-School Stress

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The back-to-school season is here, it can be filled with excitement, but also anxiety. Whether moving up a grade or starting a new school, children often deal with acculturation stress adjusting to new academic environments. As a parent, you can take steps to make transitions smoother for your child.

What is Acculturation Stress?

Acculturation stress refers to the discomfort and tension that comes with adapting to unfamiliar surroundings and situations. While commonly associated with immigrants, children experience their own form of culture shock when having to quickly acclimate to new schools.

The change can be jarring as they figure out new teachers, friends, routines, and performance expectations. Students suddenly must re-establish their sense of self in an unfamiliar social and academic context. This abrupt adaptation places mental strain on kids.

Signs Your Child is Struggling with Stress

Look for these behaviors that can indicate your child is having trouble adjusting:
 > Increased moodiness, withdrawal, or depression
 > Lower self-confidence
 > Regressing to more childish behavior
 > Acting out or tantrums
 > Drop in grades
 > Isolating themselves
While some struggles are normal, ongoing stress can hinder healthy development.

Supporting Your Child’s Transition

You can help your child better manage back-to-school stress:
 > Maintain open communication and provide unconditional support
 > Encourage them to get involved in clubs or sports
 > Foster positive relationships with other students and teachers
 > Allow a few weeks for adjustment before intervening
 > Work with teachers to identify any lingering issues
With time and support, they will gain their bearings and thrive. Each transition represents an important growth experience for building resilience and skills.

Help is Available

If your child’s stress persists and starts to disrupt their health and wellbeing, contact us. Our care providers at All Day Medical Clinic can provide counseling and help your child successfully overcome back-to-school anxiety. Call 301-330-0006 today to schedule an appointment. Investing in your child’s mental health will enable them to have a happy and productive school year.

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